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When Things Fall Apart
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For Me
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When Things Fall Apart
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For Me
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Alexia Madrid is a singer-songwriter hailing from Toronto, Canada. At only 19 years of age she started her career studying and performing opera, classical, and Latin music. Growing up in Toronto, Alexia discovered a passion and raw natural talent for music when she was only a child. Ever since these early beginnings, she has been honing and developing her craft. In her songs and performances, Alexia blurs the lines between pop, R&B, and soul. She creates tunes that have a strong pop aesthetic with a hypnotic rhythm and lush instrumental background. Her hooks are catchy and memorable but the soundscape is immersive and contemporary. Her tracks are unique and distinctive which is an impressive feat for someone so young!

Currently, Alexia goes to University in Montreal where she studies her passion, Music. She is focusing on her studies while also writing, performing, and perfecting her art. Alexia is of Chilean and Argentinian descent which blends into the background and influence in her music. This results in an utterly unique style that is unlike anything in the industry today! Alexia is well known for her stunning vocal range. Her background and classical training give her the ability to approach any song and style with confidence and power. She also writes captivating compositions that speak of maturity beyond her 19 years.

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